Echobode released as VST and Audio Unit

Today we are happy to announce the first VST and Audio Unit version of Echobode. Originally released in 2012 as a Rack Extension for Reason only, it instantly became a favorite effect within the Reason community. The following year a mutation of this device also appeared in Teenage Engineering's OP-1 synthesizer under the name of CWO. Now VST and Audio Unit users can also enjoy this unique mixture of frequency shifting and modulated delay.

We also took this opportunity to improve on the design and add some exciting new features like a "smear" section for spacey reverb-like sounds and plenty of new modulation possibilities. As usual with Sonic Charge products Echobode hides an immensely deep and versatile sound engine beneath a deceptively simple user interface. It would be a strenuous task to describe every type of audio effect this box can produce, so we won't. Instead we have put together a video that demonstrates some of Echobode's sonic abilities:

YouTube Video

The price of Echobode is $44 (+ VAT) but if you already own one or several Sonic Charge products you will receive an email with a 25% discount code that will work until the last of May. (If you own one of our Rack Extensions, please contact us for a discount.) Echobode is now also included in our complete Sonic Charge bundle and the price for the bundle has been increased accordingly to $255 (+ VAT).

We have also uploaded a minor update to Synplant (v1.2.2) which corrects a couple of user interface bugs.

You can download Echobode and Synplant either separately or as part of the latest "multi-installer". You are entitled to run it for three weeks with full functionality until you need to purchase and register.

I hope you will enjoy the latest addition to our suite of plug-ins!

/ Magnus

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