A dedicated midi controller designed for microtonic?

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  • Users avatarNekz

    Hello everyone, I don´t know if this idea is a viable or commercially reasonable one, but thinking about using Microtonic in my live presentations I thought it would be great to have a dedicated midi controller designed specifically for Microtonic. Essentially would be a hardware translation of the plug in interface.

    What do you think?

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Hardware Microtonic would be awesome. Unfortunately not something we have time to do. I think the closest you get at the moment is something like this fan-made iPad Lemur template.


  • Users avatarNekz

    Thanks for answering Fredrik, and congrats for such a lovely and timeless plug in.

    Just to clarify, my idea was not a hardware per se but a midi controller, everything else would come from the plug in. Anyways... I was just tossing the idea without taking too many considerations.
    Crowdfunding maybe?
    well, I will use it on my live presentations anyways, it sounds awesome.

  • Users avatarUdbhav Gupta

    Have you seen Livid Instrument's Builder products? http://lividinstruments.com/products/builder/ You should be able to make something pretty close to what you want with those pieces.

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