Asked to reauthorize.

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    Today I opened Synplant and it said that I need to register and authorize again. Not sure why. When I did it, it said that I have authorized the software (synplant and microtonic) on two (2) computers which are false. Please unauthorize the dummy registration and let me know why I was asked to authorize again. Thank you.

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Authorization is based on your unique system ID. It can be reset if you replace hardware or sometimes when you update your OS. This is perfectly normal and you will not run into any licensing issues because of this.

  • Users avatarSwaroopa

    Correct, it was due to the recent windows update. Thank you.

  • Users avatarDam Dam

    I would like cancel all the autorisation in my account it's old instal or on other computer that don't work anymore..

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