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  • Kristof Van Meirvenne

    Hi,I use Microtonic for a couple of years now, great plug in btw.I may have a very stupid question for you, maybe you can resolve it for me.What is making these beautiful ambient noises when you open the about page, after the bits peek voice you hear these nice random burble sounds.Is that Microtonics engine?How did you do that?It is a strange question maybe you can answer it.Have a productive year and a fine X-mas.

  • Kristof Van Meirvenne

    Does anyone have an idea?Sounds great if you put Permut8 behind it.Any help welcome.Greets

  • Magnus Lidström

    That music generator is actually not using the Microtonic engine at all. I wrote it one night while working on Microtonic 1.0 and got so excited about it that I wanted it to become part of Microtonic somehow. It ended up in the about box as an "easter egg".

    Fun trivia #1: the first prototype of Synplant was based on this engine (and generated patterns as well), but once I realized the potential in the concept I wrote a better sounding audio engine.

    Fun trivia #2: I made a GUI-less VST-version of the generator for Steve Duda and Joel Zimmerman a million years ago. You can clearly hear it being used in some Deadmau5 tracks.

  • Kristof Van Meirvenne

    Wow,what a great story.We may call you a true pioneer back in the day then, with todays modular stuff doing the same thing.Any chance on you guys developing the "easter egg"into a plug-in or even a pocket operator? .Great stories have great endings not?Greets

  • Benjamin Harrison

    Nice Trivia, @Magnus!

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