Synplant MPE MPE MPE OMG :)

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  • Users avatarmanysounds

    Subject says it loud and clear.
    Synplant is an amazing synthesizer.
    MPE would take it to the next level.
    (I may have gotten a Seaboard recently)
    Love your stuff!

  • Users avatarBenjamin Harrison

    As a fellow Seaboard enthusiast, I couldn't agree more! Synplant is already outstanding, but MPE would certainly take it to a level beyond where it is now. Can you imagine?? ; )

  • Users avatarBenjamin Harrison

    Well, now I'm fortunately adding one of these to the arsenal. :)


    MPE in Synplant would take it to a whole new level. Unfortunately, I don't think there are enough adopters at this point to make it worth the development time Sonic Charge would have to put into it. Here's to the future!

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