Synplant presets disappeared

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  • Users avatarThomas Biro

    Hello, I bought Synplant some time ago and now for some reason I cant find any of the factory presets it came with. I tried deleting it and reinstalling it but didnt do anything, any solutions?


  • Users avatarThomas Biro

    Bro please

  • Users avatarOliver Si

    Mac or Windows?

    You need to locate the Sonic Charge Contents Folder on your HD. The Presets are there. Once located, save/favourite/bookmark for easy future access.

  • Users avatarThomas Biro

    Mac and thank you very much, Problem solved

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    You can also find shortcut buttons in the file dialogs, but you might need to click an "options" button to see them.

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