Midi program change doesn't update Microtonic values on push

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  • Oktagon


    I'm using midi program change events to scroll through Microtonic presets/programs, which works pretty well. As the events come in the Microtonic UI updates to show the new programs and associated parameters.

    However I've noticed that on my Push 2 the microtonic parameters are not being updated when program change comes via midi. However if I change the program manually via the menu in the Microtonic UI the Push updates as expected.

    So it looks like maybe some kind of update signal isn't being sent when the program change comes via midi?

    The problem is, when the parameters on the Push are in this out of date state, as soon as I try and change a value on the Push the Microtonic setting resets to the out of date value shown on the push, so it's actually breaking the preset.

    Is there any possibility of a fix?


  • Oktagon

    Just one other thing I noticed. Changing program via the menu in Microtonic also causes the generic Live VST preset menu to update, but this doesn't happen with midi program change events. I guess this could be related to the lack of Push value updates?

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