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    Hello, i'm asking myself if catalina will be a problem? i'm using microtonic and synthplant since ... i can't remembe. so i'm pretty afraid. Installer/uninstall program are 32bit but plugin i don't know.

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Hi. Catalina will indeed a problematic upgrade for many. From the brief testing that we have done, our plug-ins should work with some minor issues:

    1. Our uninstallers are 32-bit, so these will not work.
    2. In the system settings, make sure you allow apps downloaded from "identified developers".
    3. You need to reboot before using our Audio Units.
    4. The file browser buttons for "Go to Factory Presets" and "Go to User Presets" do not work.

    These are all the problems that we have found so far, but Catalina have not been released yet and Apple have changed some requirements already during the beta.

    We are currently working on a big maintaince update to all our software. It will fix all of the above problems and more. Beta test should commence fairly soon.

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