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  • Users avatarSteve Blacker

    I recently did a remix for a friend, and decided to give the vocal a bit of the old Bitspeek treatment. Thought I'd share:

    lodestar-blackers-speak-n by blackermusic

  • Users avatarDennis Harms

    Sounds great :)
    Great use of Bitspeek!


  • Users avatarJohn Boys

    wow man that was quite good. i think you should work with true analog (style) sounds... more subtlety. your writing deserves it. those sample based beats seem too harsh for the wonderful arpeggio. also maybe try automation on the bitspeek? make that vocal move a little more. but it does fit in very well! that tune makes me think of depeche mode... im sure that was intentional

  • Users avatarSteve Blacker

    Thanks for listening!

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