Drum Rack for using Microtonic with Ableton PUSH

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  • Users avatarAbid Hussain

    I created a drum rack for using Microtonic and Ableton Push. The main advantage of doing this is to see the parameters I want to use/abuse in Push when I load up extrenal VSTi inside Push. Here's a video explaining how I did it:

    YouTube Video

    The rack itself is here: http://nebulae.com/live/Neb_Microtonic_Rack_Push.adg

    Of course, you'll need Live 9 and Microtonic (VST version) to run this file. And if you have a Push, then it gets really fun.

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    That was really cool! Thanks for sharing.

    I think I should buy me a Push.

  • Users avatarAbid Hussain

    It's a very very cool tool, Magnus!

  • Users avatarMike Bosch

    Hi guys,

    I own a Livid Cntrl-R and would like to know if you have any idea of how I could use microtonic in a drumrack for the livid Steppr max for live device? I have tried several ways and can get a drumrack setup, but I would like to control the microtonic parameters in the steppr device with the CNTRL-R. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know.

    Oh and also I would like to use 2 instances of Microtonic in the drum rack, since I need to fill all 16 pads in the drumrack for the steppr to work with it.

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch

  • Users avatarOlli Treiber


    NebulaeVideo not online

    Can you send me Link for this Video


  • Users avatarTim Walter

    I found it better not to rack up the instances of uTonic. Instead I configure the parameters for one patch.

    I organise the controls into 4 groups of 8

    1. Master Controls
    1. Mixer
    1. Osc
    1. Noise

    The advantage of doing it this way is..

    1. When you change a preset the parameters update on the push. In a rack they dont
    1. The paramaters display %, Hz, dB, ms, on/off even wave type (Sine, triangle, Saw) on the Push. In a rack they only display 0-127.

    3 Using Device control on the Push I can select the Bank (1-4) using the bank buttons and then access controls using knobs. So its easy to locate, find and control more than 8 parameters with the Push. With other controllers you have to wade through bank up/down buttons.

  • Users avatarloco john

    Hello rishi,

    I couldn't agree more that having 8 instances of MicroTonic VSTi isn't as elegant/good idea as having just one instance and then 8 channels. But how can you control each of the MicroTonic drum channel parameters separately with Push? Could you please share the .alp file for this?


  • Users avatarkonfront tama

    vid link busted

  • Users avatarPhil Arbon


    This one seems to be exactly what you guys are looking for :)

  • Users avatar(noou)

    thanks for the hint!

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