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  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    If you are missing products under your account it is most likely because you used a different email when purchasing. Some of our customers have also ended up with multiple accounts by using different emails when ordering. Just contact us and we will help you finding / merging your orders so that all products are associated with your active account.

  • Users avatarPeo Haggstrom

    Tjena, I just bought Echobode order id <removed by admin>

    I put in <removed by admin> as my email as I thought I needed it for the paypal account but I need it moved to <removed by admin> where I have my other licenses, can you please merge it with my others


  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    I see that you managed to move your license. It looks alright now. Let me know if you need further help.

  • Users avatarkonfront tama

    need help with my licenses for bitspeak and echobode. just bought them and can't complete the registration process because of an inconsistency with my paypal vs sonic charge emails.

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    No problems, I can merge the accounts for you. I will need some details, but I sent you a private email to reply to already. Check your spam folder if you did not get it.

  • Users avatarmordala produccions

    Hi! I just bought "microtronic" in plouguinboutique.com, but when i try to register in sonic charge.com appers a message that i haven't any products to register in my account.. I've already installed a demo version that finish the trial period… maybe thats the problem?

    my mail is <removed by admin>

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Sent you a private response by email.

  • Users avatarGodric Wilkie

    Hi my authorizations doesn't show Bitspeak - is that because it doesn't need authorisation?

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Bitspeek also needs authorization. I sent you a private response by email.

  • Users avatarorbit

    Hello. Echobode via Plugin Boutique. Help please.

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    - orbit wrote:
    Hello. Echobode via Plugin Boutique. Help please.

    (I see that you already managed to figure it out.)

    If anyone else wonders, when purchasing a Sonic Charge product through PIB, you receive a redemption code that needs to be added to your account. See this post for more information.

  • Users avatarMax Luchessa

    Dear Sonic Charge,

    Downloaded Synplant, however it will not show up in Logic Pro X. I have used the demo before in the past, but now that I've bought the product I can't find the product under my vst section. I've re-downloaded it multiple times and have authenticated it as well, but nothing seems to be working. An answer will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    Sincerely, Max

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Max, I replied to you by email already but never heard back. Just wanted to make sure you got the email and it did not end up spam blocked.

  • Users avatarJosh Purcell

    the free trial won't even work

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Free trial does not require any authorization or even an account on our page. Just download the installer from the download page and run it. If the products do not show up in your host, then something went wrong with the installation. Please make sure you check that the correct paths were used (pay special attention to the 32 and 64 bit paths on the Windows installer) and also run a rescan of plugins inside your host.

  • Users avatarcarl sealey

    having trouble unlocking the demos for mac. they all have a red "-" sign by the icons

  • Users avatarcarl sealey

    my bad that's the uninstaller …

  • Users avatarArny Sinha

    hi ..can i get a registration key ...

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Arny, I cannot find any purchased products under your account. You can purchase registration keys for our products here: http://soniccharge.com/products

  • Users avatarMarlon Oliveira

    da hora

  • Users avatarRajendra santaushi

    i cant open sonic charge on my window 10

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    @Rajendra: what happens? We know that upgrading to Windows 10 means our product lose their registration data, but you should only need to run Authenticator once again or enter the serials manually into the plug-ins.

  • Users avatarFraser Birchenall

    @Fredrik I bought bitspeek over at pluginboutique.com and when I type in the serial number they gave me it wont accept it, and when I came here to authorise it it says I have no products to authorise!

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    @Fraser Looks like you got it working?

    For future reference if anyone else from pluginboutique.com stumbles into this topic. The number from pluginboutique needs to be registered to add a license to your account. You do that through this page:


  • Users avatarDominique Vanderdonckt

    i had a pc crash and now he's fixed and workin' with windiws 10 my microtonic doesn't work anymore , my code and rest doesn't work anymore , what should or must i do please? don't tell me i have to rebuy and repay 99euros please ?? grtz

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    - Dominique Vanderdonckt wrote:
    i had a pc crash and now he's fixed and workin' with windiws 10 my microtonic doesn't work anymore , my code and rest doesn't work anymore , what should or must i do please? don't tell me i have to rebuy and repay 99euros please ?? grtz

    Hi Dominique. I could not find any licenses under your current user account. Please get in touch with support and let us know if there are any other email addresses that you might have used when purchasing.

  • Users avatarGreg Hobgood

    Just purchased Echobode through Plug In Boutique & it says I do not have any products, please help. ghobgood303@gmail.com

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström


  • Users avatarSlavo Herman

    HI, i had purchased Synplant several years ago. But recently my hardest has crashed down and I needed to reinstall OS X from scratch. Now I want to install Synplant again, though I don't see anywhere where I could download the full product (I just see that I can download the demo, although I see that my registration for Synplant is still valid). Can you help me please?

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Simple, trial and full version is the same installer. Once installed, run the Sonic Charge Authenticator and it will authorize the installation and start running in full mode.

  • Users avatarroyb0t

    Shucks, I should've just scrolled further down! I submitted a support ticket directly about registering Bitspeek. I got it all figured out - thank you so much for these tools! :]

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