The entire TX16W library

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    So I've located my backup of the old TX16W ftp site, which has the Yamaha UK and Yamaha US libraries, as well as lots of really good homegrown stuff. It's more complete than what Magnus posted already. If there is interest I will post it here, it's about 250Megs in total with the various Mac and PC utilities (these are old) and v 2.06 of the Yamaha OS.

  • Users avatarTony Uccello

    That would be great! And a big HELLO to Magnus, Fredrik, and all the TX heads. This is indeed a blast from the past.
    Have decided to do some catch up, so I may just blow the dust off my two TX16Ws I still have in my studio and take Cyclone for a spin!

  • Users avatarguido de grefte

    That would be great!

  • Users avatarJim Evans

    Awaiting the upload anxiously:-) I lost mine years ago, and would love to get it back. Thanks in advance

  • Users avatarmadtheory

    Here it is, with a link to some new sounds as well :)

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    That's great! I was looking for the full Muki Pakesch archive when we made Cyclone. Thanks for finding it.

  • Users avatarmadtheory

    You're welcome. I downloaded the whole site around 2003 when I worked at Apple. Domestic broadband speeds and public online storage space have caught up since then so now I can share it :)

  • Users avatarDave Phillips

    Downloaded the archive today. Looks like it'll keep me busy with Cyclone for a while. :) Thanks for the share !

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