Echobode/Triumph Crash on GUI Opening

Krzysztof Szychowski84 views3 posts
  • Users avatarKrzysztof Szychowski


    Echobode seems to crash Audiofile Engineering's Triumph when opening the GUI. Any suggestions?
    Echobode:Triumph Crash on GUI Opening.rtf(82.1kB, 274 downloads)



  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Thanks for the report. This is a new host to me (and I assume to the entire beta team) so I need to download and have a look.

  • Users avatarKrzysztof Szychowski


    I opened Triumph in 32bit mode and Echobode did indeed open up but without the fancy GUI....

    hope this helps


    Echobode Triumph.png

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