Windows 10 update - new plugin registration?!

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    I recently switched from mackbooc pro to PC (Windows 7). I registered Synthplant and Microtonic when doing so, and then had two computers authorized. When I updated to Windows 10, I needed to register my plugins again, and now three computers seems to be registered to my account.

    Did anyone else encounter this "issue"? and is it an issue at all - that 2. and 3. registration is the same computer? (future installations/registrations in case of new computer, crash.. ect)

    Thx for great plugins btw!

    Jakob N.

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström


    If you upgrade your system or significantly change your hardware, Windows will report a new unique identifier for the system. You will be required to authorize the software again. This is normal and you will not run into any issues because of this.

  • Users avatarQuinn Young

    This is the same experience I am having as well.

    How can I reduce the number of false computers back down to only the one I'm using?.. currently it is showing I have 4 computers registered on, but I'm only using the one I have. How can I fix this.

    Thanks in advance,.
    Quinn Young

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    No need, under normal use (including system updates like this) you will never run into any limit. We count installations to monitor for excessive installations like shared or spread license keys.

  • Users avatarJakob N.

    Happened again after anniversary update. Just to notify you. - Jakob

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