Micro tonic crashing Cubase 8.5

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  • Users avatarDenis Woods

    When removing Microtonic from Cubase 8.5 Mac 64bit 10.9.5 it will crash . Log attached. 100% repro. Latest version of Microtonic
    MT crash Cubase.txt (108.4KB)

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Thank you for the crash report. This looks like it could be a serious compatibility issue between the latest version of Cubase and all of our products. We will have to dig deeper into it before we are completely sure.

    Did you have any other Sonic Charge product loaded into the project as well? Have you tried starting a new project and just adding and removing Microtonic and nothing else?

  • Users avatarDenis Woods


    Microtonic still crashes in a completely empty Cubase 8.5 project, log attached
    Microt crash Cubase 8.5 Empty project.txt (113.4KB)

    Permut8, Echobode and Bitspeak are all fine.

    I loaded a an expired demo of Synplant and it was ok

    Hope this helps

  • Users avatarDenis Woods

    Any update ?

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Yes, we have tested this and been able to reproduce it. Still have no clue exactly what is going on. My first guess was wrong, as you say, it is a Microtonic specific error. I have narrowed it down to only crashing if you have had an OS dialog opened (like open preset).

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Hey guys. I finally found the cause of this problem and I have hopefully resolved it. The fix will be included in the next Microtonic update (no release date set yet).

  • Users avatarDenis Woods

    Any update on the fix?

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