MicroTonic Drum Rack for Ableton Live

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  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    In case you haven't seen this one on the Ableton forum already, Tom Mosler made this wicked little drum-rack for µTonic. It basically lets you work with the separate output version of µTonic as a single instrument on a single track, allowing you to easily place different effects on the different channels. I made this rough little Youtube-demo some months ago:

    YouTube Video

    The drum-rack is available for download here: VST-MicroTonic Drum Rack.adg(6.84kB, 610 downloads)

    Thanks Tom.

  • Users avatarDennis Harms

    Thanks again! This is really awesome!


  • Users avatarBoB SwanS

    Use this all the time now! Many thanks go to Tom!

  • Users avatarDAVID AKNIN

    Great addons ! thanx guyz

  • Users avatarMarkus Herring


    Many thanks


  • Users avatarMarkus Herring

    Apologies where to I place the .adg file?



  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    - Markus wrote:
    Apologies where to I place the .adg file?

    Any place you can reach from Live's built-in patch / sample browser.

  • Users avatarraymond franklyn

    Nice Rack..........

  • Users avatarNTNS909


  • Users avatargijsdebruin

    - Magnus Lidström wrote:
    Any place you can reach from Live's built-in patch / sample browser.

    If you put the VST-MicroTonic Drum Rack.adg file in [your Live install directory]\Presets\Instruments\Drum Rack\Kit, it will be shown together with all the other drum racks

  • Users avatarCédric Buron

    That's really great and usefull,


  • Users avatarsonny hancock

    That's hotness!

  • Users avatarTom Watson

    thanks for this one!

  • Users avatarAbid Hussain

    This is fabulous!

  • Users avatarNadav Vee Havakook


  • Users avatarflorian bologna

    thank you it's great! ;)
    but I could not get instaled \ Instruments \ Drum Rack \ Kit ... Ableton Live 7.O.18 OSX
    Message: preset Can not be loaded. It is probably damaged

    because of this live 7.0.18 MAC OSX ?
    again I not find the link "VST Micro Tonic drum rack adg" Tom Mosler on the forum ableton
    please elp me?

    thank you Magnus for the beautiful instruments ( u-tonic and symplant) ;))

  • Users avatarflorian bologna

    thank youuuu Tom for you work :D

  • Users avatarTom Watson

    It's cool, but I can't seem to route individual µtonic channels to specific audio channels. I think I'll have to go back to using the tonic as I used to: Normal Multiout VST without the drum rack thingy.... I just group the tracks with CMD+G and it's pretty much the same thing ;)

    I looked into it a bit deeper. With Return Chains and Sends I have found peace.

    Great little setup!

  • Users avatarTronikform


    I'm more than happy that everybody is enjoying this little drum rack :)

    PS. Rack was made in Ableton Live 8.2 so it will not work in previous versions.
    So, here is version for Live 7: VST-MicroTonic Drum_Rack_Live7.adg.zip(3.95kB, 315 downloads)

  • Users avatarDAVID ROMERO

    - Tom Mosler wrote:
    So, here is version for Live 7: VST-MicroTonic Drum_Rack_Live7.adg.zip(3.95kB, 315 downloads)

    very considerate of you to do this for v.7


  • Users avatarBrandon Harris


    This is exactly what I needed.

    But . . . will the Live7 version work on Live 8.1?


    EDIT: Also, what if I wanted to make the patterns in Ableton, and the MIDI notes I create trigger the sounds in microTonic? Is that possible using this same set-up?

    EDIT (again): never mind. sorted.

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