Patternarium doesnt start

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  • Users avatarAndy

    Can anybody help me. I allowed Sonic Charge to send me emails but every time i try to open the patternarium,this window will be open..sry for my bad english..



    Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-16 um 18.44.04.png
  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Hi, Andy. You need to enable website storage in your Flash player. You can either do it in the global options or in site specific options.

    2. Find in the list and select it
    3. Set to "Always allow"
  • Users avatarAndy

    Hey Fredrik,

    sry that I reply so late:-D I will check it out in the next days and then I let you know, how it works:-)

  • Users avatarAndy

    hm i follow your introductions« the first time it works second time,

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Did you enable website storage globally or just for our site? Sounds odd it only worked one time, once the setting is changed, it should allow us to save data. Do you by any chance have any plug-ins or blockers in Safari that could prevent Patternarium from saving data?

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