Happy New Year!

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  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Happy New Year!

    To celebrate that we are finally leaving 2016 behind we have created a new firmware for Permut8 called Specular. I call it a "spectral resynthesizer". It is FFT based and can be used to create spacey reverbs and "glassy soundscapes". I think it sounds cool on anything from full acoustic recordings to synth sounds.

    I thought it had a fitting sound for a Christmas gift, but we didn't quite finish it in time for last weekend. Notice that I'm really stretching what is possible CPU-wise with the virtual machine inside Permut8. I had never imagined releasing heavy FFT based effects written in this invented assembly language. So be prepared for a heavy toll on your CPU (something like 25% per instance). Bouncing is your friend. :)

    Hope you like it. As always, to load the firmware, just open the .p8bank file in Permut8.

    Specular Firmware.p8bank(44.4kB, 282 downloads)

    Also in case you missed it, we released a bank of 77 new Synplant patches this Christmas. It is called Horticultural Discoveries and Synplant owners can download it from http://soniccharge.com/download

    More exciting news from Sonic Charge will come soon!

    Best wishes
    / Magnus & Fredrik Lidström

  • Users avatarTHeymer

    Sounds great, very inspiring!!! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your 2017 releases!
    All the best,

  • Users avatarChris Rose

    You guys rule. I'm very happy to be a customer of such great developers. All the best for 2017.

  • Users avatarsteve westbrook

    yes! thank you and happy new year :)

  • Users avatarLucide

    Cool, thanks.

  • Users avatarDumbo

    I just bought Permut8, so this is a welcomed gift, thank you! And I wish you all a happy and healthy and successful new year 2017!

  • Users avatarRandolph Rueba

    Wow, thanks so much, this sounds amazing! Happy new year, and I am really looking forward to whatever you guys are cooking up next. Have a great 2017!

  • Users avatarBungle

    Absolutely brilliant Firmware, definitely one of my favourites !

  • Users avataraoVI

    Thank you!

  • Users avatarkonfront tama

    wild firmware. thanks

  • Users avatarGreg Killmaster

    love it. thanks very much!

  • Users avatarChris R Gibson

    Actually, timing was perfect...this way it can be enjoyed on it's own rather than amid the 'mall-crush' of stuff that hit my email account in December!

    Thank you, I will look forward to seeing new things from Soniccharge this year :)

  • Users avatarBart Leblans

    Thank you!
    I bought permut8 only recently and I'm very happy with the sound. I use it a lot these days. Very curious how this will sound ....

  • Users avatarAB459

    Cool Thanks

    Damn tried it just now, really amazing!

  • Users avatarXRMX

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Users avatarMartin Géč

    Awesome, thank you! :-)

  • Users avatarUlf Hammarqvist

    Fun! Will you add this to the download area?

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Thanks for all the positive feedback! We will certainly add it to the official firmware installer. We just need to catch up on the Microtonic 3.2 launch first.

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