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  • Users avatarPiotr Czerwiński

    Hi Guys!
    I bought Bitspeek and Permut8 and I really love them. I was some month younger then and yet silly and shame to say I ignored your proposal with getting all the plugins in one 255 Euro shot hung on your website. And now I am.. sad.. I love your products, way they work. Is it any chance to pay additional 156 Euro up to total 255 and.. to fix my er.. gaffe?..

    Thank you and best regards.

    Piotr Czerwiński, Poland.

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Since it's only been a week, I am sure I can hook you up. I'll mail you when I have taken a look at it.

  • Users avatarPiotr Czerwiński

    Thank you. God bless Sonic Charge!

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