MicroTonic MIDI send not working in Renoise

Jesse Weston51 views2 posts
  • Users avatarJesse Weston

    I am unable to get MicroTonic to send MIDI to other plug-ins in Renoise 3.1 on Mac OX 10.12.3.

    MIDI send is available in Renoise, as I can get Obscurium to send MIDI just fine, it's just MicroTonic that won't work.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Users avatarJesse Weston

    Tried it in Cubase Elements 9 and it works fine, so for whatever reason it's just Renoise for me where it's not working.

    Like I say though Obscurium MIDI send works in Renoise, it's just MicroTonic that isn't working.

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