what about AAX file?

Ciappy Dee Jay273 views6 posts
  • Users avatarCiappy Dee Jay

    I'm working with Pro Tools (12) that needs the AAX plugins extension....Are you working on that?
    I love this plug-in so I need to have it!

  • Users avatarFredrick Lidström

    Sorry, we currently have no plans on creating AAX versions of our plug-ins.

  • Users avatarAlexandr Babakov

    Hi Frederik,

    it's time now to realise it! aax used by many musicians )

  • Users avatarMilan

    Would be really happy with AAX version.. Pro Tools is common in every big studio. Please consider.

  • Users avatarEver Valencia

    Ditto! Would like to see AAX version of Synplant and would even pay for it. I recently moved from Cubase to Pro Tools. Cheers!

  • Users avatarKc Taylor

    Yes Please AAX Update !!!

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