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  • Users avatarKlang Verbieger

    I`ve got an TX16W hardware sampler, and I think that Cyclone is cool. But - I love the machines.. Does anyone know which type of disk drive is built in the machine - and how to replace it with a standard disk drive?
    I know it`s not cool to talk here about hardware - but, isn't it the same when I'm using TYPHOON OS? :)

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    When you say "replace", do you mean replace a faulty drive with one with identical specifications, or are you after something else?

  • Users avatarKlang Verbieger

    Hi Magnus,
    I've got a lot of floppys here :) Well, I think it isn't easy to get a identical drive - so, is it possible to use something else? I've seen some SD-Card things.... but that would cost a lot of money. Is there a cheap way to get my two TX16Ws alive?

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