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    I've recently switched from all hardware to all software, and I've really enjoyed using MT as my drum synth.

    I've got it racked in an Ableton drum rack, and that works nicely except when it comes to editing sounds with Push or another controller. Because the number of sound parameters for all 8 synths exceeds 128, I have to choose between not having access to all parameters for all synths or having access to all parameters for 7 of the 8 synths and none for one.

    What I'd love to be able to do is to have 16 instances of a single-drum version of MT attached to each individual pad in a drum rack. That way, I can select the pad with Push and then tweak the sound as much as I want. I've used some of the Max for Live drum synths this way, and it's quite fun.

    Is this a possibility?

  • Users avatarLarsErik

    My two cents: MT is so light on the CPU that you don't have to bother about the 7 voices you're not using in each instance.

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    I've been asked about this a few times already and while I do agree it would feel cleaner with a single channel version, LarsErik is absolutely right about the CPU concerns. Microtonic voices that are not playing do not even take a single % of CPU. Any increase in CPU going from a single VST instance to eight or sixteen instances is more likely to come from Live itself rather than Microtonic, so that wouldn't change much with a single-drum version I am afraid.

    Despite this I agree that a single-channel version with a slimmed down GUI without sequencer etc is a quite attractive idea.

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