Can I down whole pattern gen at once?

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  • Users avatarPatrick Best

    Can I direct download a whole generation Microtonic patterns at one time or do I have to click on them one at a time? Can't seem to find where if I can.

  • Users avatarSam Saw

    Try this:

  • Users avatarPatrick Best

    Much appreciated Sam Saw. I saw that page but didn't scroll down far enough to see the actual download link. Thanks again for pointing that out.

  • Users avatarBebe Ruhi

    Hi guys, just bought uTonic and wondering if that forum link above provides only the best and worst of patternium. I would like to download the entire patternium regardless of votes received. Is there a way to do this?

    Also, it goes back to Generation 6. Is the first five available?

  • Users avatarSteve Olofsson

    I would also like to download the entire library, I often use one or several patterns as top loops, so I remove kick and snare for example. Would be great to be able to effortlessly browse the patternarium. Would also be nice to just pull out a random patch from the entire set.

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    The first generations were only voted on internally and later by a closed group of beta-testers. The first top-list we made was generation 5

    You can jump to any patternarium generation if you go to its direct url.

    The total number of patterns is today well over 24 000, would you really want them all? 🙂

  • Users avatarBebe Ruhi

    Omg, ok I will just suffice with the "best of" all these generations. Thanks for the help.

  • Users avatarSteve Olofsson

    24000 patterms might be a bit much :) I think I'll also start by just downloading all the top patterns, On the other hand, would be awesome to get something like the top 50 or so, I don't know how many votes a pattern typically get in a generation though.. The patternarium is certainly a very faschinating thing and highly valuable. Personally I'm hoping for something similar for synplant 2 :)

  • Users avatargsm909

    hey, ive zipped the complete G01-G23 for those who want it

  • Users avatarBebe Ruhi

    That's handy, thanks a lot gsm909!

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    impressive, did you script download everything or click save twenty-three thousand times? 😳

    (note that you can upload files directly in your post if you want to)

  • Users avatargsm909

    every one clicked (over several years). its 70meg, so wasnt sure if there was a limit on filesize

    ...and its still nice to have the best and worst as voted for each generation.

  • Users avatargsm909

    Here is G01-G25

    Patternarium, 19 downloads)


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