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AU / VST Plug-ins

Our plug-ins require a host that supports VST 2.4 or Audio Unit 2. Available for Mac and Windows. Read more
Sales Tax/VAT added where applicable.

  • Permut8

    $66 (+VAT)

    Permut8 lets you modulate, manipulate and mangle your audio in countless ways through the combination of some basic but unique building blocks. The sound of Permut8 is inspired by primitive digital hardware. Raw and complex but noisy and warm at the same time.

  • Bitspeek

    $33 (+VAT)

    Bitspeek is a "linear prediction coding" effect. It analyses and resyntheses audio using a simple oscillator, noise and a formant filter. The sound is similar to that of some well-known speaking toys from the early eighties.

  • Synplant

    $99 (+VAT)

    Synplant is an innovative software synthesizer with a genetic approach to sound creation. Instead of creating patches the conventional way by turning dials and knobs, Synplant lets you explore a world of organic sounds by planting seeds that grow into synth patches.

  • Microtonic

    $99 (+VAT)

    Microtonic (a.k.a. µTONIC) is a VST / AU plug-in for Windows and Mac featuring a unique drum and percussion synthesizer combined with a pattern based drum-machine engine.

  • Sonic Charge Bundle

    $222 (+VAT)

    Save $75 on the complete Sonic Charge Plug-in Bundle, including Synplant, Microtonic, Permut8 and Bitspeek.
    buy bundle as a gift.

Rack Extensions

Rack Extensions are plug-ins for Propellerhead's Reason and Reason Essentials. Read more

    • Echobode RE

      $39 / 32

      Echobode is a frequency shifter combined with a delay. It is capable of creating many different effects from pure frequency shifting and echoes to phasers, flangers, choruses and more.

    • Bitspeek RE

      $49 / 39

      Bitspeek RE is our Rack Extension version of Bitspeek. It is more advanced than the current AU/VST counterpart and includes a lot of improvement such as: Stereo analysis and resynthesis, improved volume tracking algorithm, external audio input and lots of CV ins and outs for rack integration.

Other Products and Services

    • Microtonic Patternarium

      Browse through thousands of computer generated Microtonic patterns. Download or copy any pattern directly into your Microtonic, and participate in evolving Microtonic Patternarium by voting on the patterns you like.

    • Cyclone

      Cyclone is a complete TX16W software emulator in VST and Audio Unit format. Released as a free plug-in in 2013 to celebrate the 20 year aniversary of Typoon, the alternative TX16W operating system that started Magnus personal career in music tech.