i made some po32 patches for everyone to use

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  • Emile Van Bellingen

    YouTube Video

    hey everyone, without too much yadda yadda: here are some drum patches i made for the po32. i hope you have a lot of fun with them - i sure did :-).

    Some sounds are from the patternarium, some from other kits, but most were made by me from scratch. this is the second patch-sharing video I made and started this because i felt no one was sharing this amazing technology (not everyone has patreon and or a credit card..)

    of course, if you create a very good product it is only fair that you get paid for your work. but anyway, back to the topic at hand: have a listen, transfer a kit you like and enjoy!!

    if you end up using or really liking a certain patch it's always nice for me to receive a comment or some feedback (especially since i'm very new to all this)

    thank you!!!

    tl;dr watch the video for a bunch of free po32 patches i made (skip the intro if you want)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Thank you for sharing. 👍

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