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  • Richard Barley

    Hi -- just downloaded the demo for Microtonic and it sounds great. Just wanted to check -- I've tried it in Reason and Logic, but in both cases the preset buttons next to the preset name are greyed out, as is the option to paste in a preset from Patternarium (which is an awesome thing). Is that just a limitation of the demo, or is there something wrong?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    It's not a demo limitation. The previous/next preset buttons are grayed out unless you have browsed to a folder containing more than one preset. Try first browsing to a preset folder and see if that works.

    There is a similar thing going on with the paste functions. If it can not find anything to paste, it will not be enabled. Double check that you have a preset in your clipboard by trying to paste it into a text editor.

  • Richard Barley

    Ah! That works -- browsing to the folder was what I was missing. And the paste bit works too. Thank you! I think a purchase will be following very soon -- the sounds Microtonic makes are wonderful.

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