Suggestion_Locking settings on Microtonic.

Arnar Adalsteinsson185 views4 posts
  • Arnar Adalsteinsson

    I know I can load only sounds or patterns but taking it a bit further I would like to be able to lock the mute settings as well as pattern and sound settings while browsing patterns per individual pattern and sound.

    The mute setting I really need :)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Not exactly what you ask for, but maybe it can be useful when it comes to muting channels.

    Load up the Microtonic Multi-output version, then route all the individual channels to their own mixer channels. You can now mute/set volume or put effects on individual drum channels.

  • Arnar Adalsteinsson

    Yes , I was aware of that method but I am using it via midi to play other machines , and sometimes I dont want all the pads playing while browsing new patterns or loading them.

  • Arnar Adalsteinsson

    I was also thinking about being able to lock sounds and patterns per channel while still browsing either new sound or patterns for the other channels.

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