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  • Stephan Ralescu

    So, I've had Microtonic for years, and its always come and gone into my productions. A drum machine called Guru grabbed my attention for awhile, as did AudioSpillage (RIP).

    Anyway, I saw the Dan Worral walk through for the first time and it blew my mind. I love his videos and Microtonic (and U-He's Repro) might be my favorite. THEN I hit up the Patternarium for the first time (I know...) and in my opinion heard some of the best music. Used to go hunting for singles, now its Patternarium.

    I'm back to using Microtonic and am also thinking its time to start seeing what are the preferred interfaces. I might just pick up that PO-32, but I'm looking for something where I could map almost every parameter to a knob, working directly in the DAW. If anybody is hosting in Maschine MK1, I would love to hear your feedback.

  • Alexey Sobolev

    How about Arturia Beatstep pro?

  • Tom Mosler

    I'm using Maschine to host Microtonic. I switched to MK3 recently (had Mk1 and MK2).

    What I love is customisation of mappings you can do for your VST instruments. You can even save it as NKS files to load from browser (which is what I do).
    Another plus is accurate control of parameters which is more then traditional 127 steps you get with MIDI CC.

  • Stephan Ralescu

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your feedback. Indeed, I'll have to get into some custom mappings. I've always had a resistance to the default mapping scheme of Maschine, which requires lots of tabbing to access all the synth engines. I've got the feeling that it might be better to somehow route each engine to a group; this will require less tabbing. But I have no idea whether its possible to do so using one instantiation of the plugin.

    I also came across your Live Drum Rack - thank you very much - and was wondering if there is an easy implementation in Maschine as well. My intuition tells me that it should be possible to adapt the rack to accept Microtnic wrapped in Maschine, although if I'm not using some of maschine's sequencing features it seems like a redundant step.

  • Iulian Muresan

    I have a Beat Step Pro, but I have a few problems. One of them is that I can't seem to be able to control the velocity of the drum sounds. When I use the Beat Step Pro with any drum kit in Ableton, I can control the velocity, no problem. But with Microtonic, every drum has the same volume level. Am I missing something?

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