Synplant VST 1.2.2 (423) CPU spikes/stutters in Ableton Live 9/10 (Mac)

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  • Valery Kondakoff


    Just noted, there are a CPU spike/stutters on some of my Live 9/10 projects, which are using Synplant.

    It turns out that the symptoms are reproducible: the CPU spike/stutter happens when Synplant plays the first note in the project right after Live relaunch. There are no spike/stutter with the notes, which are following the first one, and there are no spikes/stutters if I just restart playback or reload the project and start the playback again. Once I relaunch Live and load the project there will be CPU spike/stutter on the first note which will be played by Synplant.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Lauch Ableton Live and create new MIDI clip
    2. Add a note (say, C4) somewhere in the clip
    3. Add Synplant on the same track and load 'Elem Init' patch (just for testing purposes, the issue is reproducible with any patch)
    4. Save the project
    5. Relaunch Live, load the saved project and start MIDI clip playback: there will be a CPU spike when C4 note was played by the first time.

    I'm able to reproduce this issue both on latest Ableton Live 9 (9.7.5 x64) and the latest Ableton Live 10 beta. Synplant VST 1.2.2 (423), MacOS High Sierra

    Can you, please, look at this issue? I'm ready to give some additional info if needed.

    Thank you!

  • Magnus Lidström

    Ah, you are right, there is indeed an extra cpu spike on the very first note of a session. It is a cheap trick for setting up some stuff only if Synplant is actually used (and not just loaded by the host). I probably thought it was totally harmless at the time but I use a different and better technique in our later products.

    (It has never caused any underrun or stutter on my computer though, but that may very well depend on audio card setting, DAW and even MacOS version).

    I'll make a note to use a better technique for the next version of Synplant.

  • Valery Kondakoff

    Thank you for an explanation. Waiting for the next Synplant version.

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