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  • Joey Luck

    This might be a question more for Teenage Engineering. But figured I'd ask here.

    Any idea why the PO-32 case (CA-X) is more expensive than the others?
    It's $39 vs. $29 (which those already seem expensive for silicone cases in comparison to the price of the units).

    Also, the PO-32 case is generic; just the numbers and no icons.

    Anybody up for making a PO-32 case that celebrates Microtonic more? :)
    Or has somebody already done this?

  • Magnus Lidström

    I actually had no idea it was more expensive. I don't own a single case myself tbh. :)

    I think the one difference with the PO-32 case is that it's got a small hole for the microphone.

    I know there are some firms making alternative cases for PO's. (E.g. https://dichstudios.com/collections/po-gear/products/po-case-diy-kit) . Not sure if there are any PO-32 specific ones though. I like the idea of a Microtonic-style case!

  • Joey Luck

    Hi Magnus!

    Thanks for the link :)
    That case looks pretty cool. And the benefit to it being clear is you can still see everything on the board. And it's cheaper!

    But a Microtonic-style case would be fun :)

  • Taupe

    I like the idea of a Microtonic-style case!

    ... well that is exactly what I thought that I was buying when ordering the new PO32-specific, and 10 dollar more expensive case...
    It was rather disappointing to find out the case hides the markings from the unit to cover it with a non-informative numbering, that did not help me learning to use the PO at all. The back of the case is open, to let any spilled drinks on the table in, and the material is a dust attracting rubber. Al by al a product that looks good on the drawing table, is a money maker, bit gives zero value. Mine is not used at all, not even for the super cool, not nerdy at all neck chain function...

    Complaining aside, I do think the PO32 itself is a super unit, and I could explain myself to get at least one unit more (even with the lack of a proper mute function (oh how this would make the PO32 just perfect)...

  • Joey Luck

    I got this reply from Teenage Engineering:

    We found it fitting to make the one size fits all case a little more expensive.
    No plans right now on making a new case.

    That made little sense to me. It seems like a decision was made to make it more expensive, just because... If there was a Microtonic specific case and it was more expensive and they explained that a portion of those sales had to go to Magnus, that would make a bit more sense. Or if there was any reasoning given... But I'm just a little more confused after their response :)

    If there's going to be a difference in price, shouldn't the 'one size fits all' case be cheaper (over the unit-specific cases)? I mean, with 'one size fits all' you don't have to put as much thought into supply and demand... Such as, "How many PO-14's are we selling? Do we need to produce more cases?" It's generic and fits all of them after all.

    But nobody who owns any PO other than the PO-32 is going to buy them because they can get a case specific to their unit for cheaper! Right? And it may be cheaper to produce the generic ones as well with just the numbers and white; no color. I dunno. Oh well.

    @Taupe yeah would be nice if the case covered the whole unit. But I guess that's what the case Magnus linked above does. The sides are open, but it's a cool look.

  • Brian Comnes

    I have the DIch Studios clear case, and it works fine with PO32, there is quite a bit of air gap over the mic so it works great

    dich po32 case.jpg
  • Armen C

    - Joey Luck wrote:
    I got this reply from Teenage Engineering:
    We found it fitting to make the one size fits all case a little more expensive.
    No plans right now on making a new case.
    That made little sense to me.

    Swedish geek humor. They are wise crackers over there.

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