Microtonic: Solo should remember mute states

Henrik J. Larsen294 views3 posts
  • Henrik J. Larsen

    Feature request/sugggestion for Microtonic

    The way to solo a channel button should be done in a smarter way.

    When I have some channels muted already and I solo a channel, when unsoloing it it unmutes all channels. It should remember the former state of the channels, instead of unmuting every channel. That is usually how solo works in all other environments, and I think everyone would appreciate if it worked like that.

    So please update the way the solo-function works in Microtonic.

    And thank you for this awesome drum machine ;-)


  • Magnus Lidström

    Thanks. This is a very good suggestion. I'm so used to how it works now that I use double alt-clicks to unmute all channels. That wouldn't work if I implemented your behavior. But that's probably just me.

  • gsm909

    @Magnus, also would be nice to have the mute states remembered when changing presets

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