Strategies for using morph when making sounds for PO32?

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  • Dave Ashford

    Anyone care to share any tips?

    On PO32 there is morph per sound but in Microtonic there is just one global morph. So, do I make one sound at a time with the global morph setting, then save it as a full preset (as opposed to drum patch) with just one sound, and repeat? (ending up with 16 presets that need dumping to PO32 individually).

    The problem I'm thinking about is that I can't save a full PO32 specific kit, with Microtonic, without losing any morphs.

    I'm not moaning about the way it works, just looking for the most straightforward way to get full kits on to the PO32 with unique morphs for each sound ;)

  • Magnus Lidström

    I usually save the entire state of the machine as an FXB file (in the standalone version you can do this with the File menu, otherwise it varies from DAW to DAW). This includes all 16 programs and all morph settings. This means I can have sounds 1-8 in program #1 and sounds 9-16 in program #2.

  • Dave Ashford

    Hi Magnus, thanks for the info!

    I hadn't even noticed the export .fxb option! This will help keep things a bit more tidy as I can work on a full PO32 kit while keeping it self contained.

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