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  • Users avatarKobi Toledano

    Why is the preset Changes every time i touch any parameter on my echobode ? :(

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    It is most likely damaged. Please let me know if you are on Mac or Windows and send me the plugin binary to

  • Users avatarKobi Toledano

    are u talking about my Order id ?

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    Try a complete reinstall first and see if that helps.

    1. Close down your host (DAW)
    2. Uninstall Echobode
    3. Restart your system
    4. Start your host and make sure that Echobode is no longer found
    5. Install Echobode
    6. If on Mac, restart your system
    7. Start your host and try Echobode again to see if the problem remains

    If you are still experiencing problems after a complete reinstall. Please contact me through email letting me know if you are on Mac or Windows and we'll take it from there.

  • Users avatarKobi Toledano

    waiting for your replay

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