Bitspeek not working with the latest Logic Pro update

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  • Tim Harrington

    Hi! Based on the excitement around the PO-35 (cool stuff) I decided to try out Bitspeek. I installed the demo but it just wasn't showing up in my plug-in list. My Permut8, Echobode, and Mircotonic all work. To check I installed it on my work computer with 1 version back of Logic and it was all good. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Did you restart your system after installation? This seems like something you have to do since 10.13

  • Kobi Toledano

    hi Fredrik
    Im Still waiting for yor replay regarding the issues i got with echobode
    i replayed your email few days ago but no one respond me :(

    The thing is that there is few tracks that are waiting for echobe and one of them suppose to be released soon and i need to send it for mastering

    To be honest its the first time that tech support is not supporting me
    Witing for your replay

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