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  • anonymous

    Product is Microtonic v3
    OS is Win XP SP3
    FLStudio 10

    I have just downloaded (5 mins ago) Microtonic v3 under the premise that it's runs for a set period as trial, but with full functions. However, i loaded it into my host and it started to talk over itself, urging me to register it. I had version 2 that did the same thing and i just did not use it until i was sent an FLp file by a friend who had used Microtonic in the track i was due to collaborate on. And interestingly,i never heard the voice for 2 days. Then it started, so i deleted Microtonic and used another VST for the kick in the track. But upon looking, became interested in this version 3. Thus i downloaded v 3.

    Perhaps, the previous V2 has caused this? I do not know, but i doubt it can be rectified and will ultimately end up deleting this,too. I have never had the chance to actually like Microtonic by using it,so it can not sell itself to me, the idea of actually buying it.

    Any ideas?


  • Magnus Lidström

    I have no idea what's happening here.

    1) MicroTonic version 2 used a completely different trial system than version 3. You could try it for as long as you wished, but it interrupted audio from time to time with the voice (yes, constantly, but not so often that you couldn't demo it). How you could load an FLp file that stopped the MicroTonic voice for a couple of days is a mystery to me (unless you used a cracked version of course :) ).

    2) MIcroTonic version 3 should let you demo the software for three weeks without audio interruption (just a reminder when you open the GUI). After the three weeks have passed, the voice comes in quite quickly and after that all audio will be silent. Is this the case for you right now? If so, I can arrange for some additional trial time for you. Just let me know and I'll PM you a special code.

  • anonymous

    Hello, and thank you for your reply.

    Yes, i did download some silly warez of microtonic but they are dirty rubbish that mess with my studio.
    I had no idea what i had downloaded, i just seen it and hear of it's use and grabbed it. But i deleted the whole file because that talked over the audio, too. Warez always mess with the function of things, that's how they operate!
    My theory is my bios clock. It keeps going out during start up and i have to re set it?

    Why our track loaded and gave no intrusion for some days is just weird to me. I never clicked Microtonic during this time, so i never actually used it (in case it asked for the code) i just build the track and sent it back to the other artist. I opened it on the 2nd day and Microtonic was in demo :) As i produce Hardstyle and Hard dance, i believe Microtonic could be a better option for me than creating them from other VSTi.

    If a code could give me the trial, then that would be great. But i think my laptop may be corrupted with a virus or a file entry from the warez copy and maybe i will have to wipe the whole system. But it is worth a try.

    Just PM me and i will give it a try. And thank you for your assistance and offer.

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