Muting Microtonic via midi (from external hardware)

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  • J J Whelan

    I'm just bedding in a new setup where my Elektron Digitakt is the hub for my midi/hardware hybrid setup. I like the feel of controlling everything from the sampler by pressing buttons and turning knobs rather than clicking and moving a mouse.

    I have a few VST running from my computer hosted in Ableton. My sampler is set to be the clock mater and controls the starting and stopping of the Ableton clock.

    I have managed to work out how to change microtonic patterns via midi notes so far so good.

    Now I just want to be able to mute the microtonic from the digitakt. There is a midi mute option in the digitakt for the channel that controls the microtonic but it has no effect. As long as the sampler is still running then the Microtonic keeps plodding on. I have read in the Microtonic manual that there is a midi off note that the Microtonic recognises but this takes away from the fluidity of a live jam having to program in a note off command.

    Any suggestions?

    Ta Jamie

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