Input jack on PO-33 short?

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  • Matt Jackson

    hey I was trying to sync my po-35 and my po-33 but it seems like the input jack on the po-33 is short. The cable only goes halfway in compared to the po-35. Is this expected?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Nah, that doesn't sound right. Contact TE Support if you have not done so already.

  • Matt Jackson

    Shoot. I meant my po-32... still the case?

  • MetalFalcon

    I've the tonic and the speak. They should be identical jack wise. Like Fredrik said, definitely contact TE (or whatever retailer you bought it from).

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yes Matt, even though we created the po-32 and po-35, TE put the hardware together and is responsible for manufacturing and support. They should be able to help you or in worst case replace the unit if it is a manufacturing fault.

  • Michael Mueller

    I had a similar thing with my Tonic. I just... pushed it in farther. I'm sorry if that isn't helpful.

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