Windows 10 update - possible licence issues

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  • Johnnyaardvark

    After installing the latest windows (big) update (march 2018) I have had a voice message tell me to consider buying a licence for Microtonic (which I have already)

    So I ran the sonic charge authenticator application which appears to have worked OK and solved my problem.

    One reason for posting was to make people aware that this windows update has caused similar problems with several licences as mic PC was no longer recognized as the same computer.

    Second reason is that the web authorization now shows that

    "You have authorized 2 computers in total" which effectively I haven't.

    Should I be concerned re: sonic charge applications?

    I also suspect this will cause problems with other software I have licences for but will have to see.

    HTH and thanks


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yes, when you do a major OS upgrade it most often resets the unique machine ID and you will have to authorize the installation again. There is no need to worry. This is perfectly normal and Microtonic will not run into any licensing issues even if you have authorized multiple computers.

  • Johnnyaardvark

    Thanks Fredrik

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