Microtonic MIDI => Max/msp

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  • Janusz Wojciech Gawlik

    Hello Everyone!

    Any hints how to setup the Microtonic and Max/msp so that the Max would receive MIDI from Microtonic?

  • Janusz Wojciech Gawlik

    I am probably missing something but how to check if the Microtonic is sending MIDI messages? I have tried hooking it up to Ableton, but without any success.


  • Janusz Wojciech Gawlik

    So I start wondering... is the MIDI send option enabled in the version 3.2 which is sold as a bundle with PO-32? Bit disappointed with the lack of this functionality...

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the late response. Microtonic VST (not AU) should definitely send MIDI if it is enabled in the MIDI configuration window (inside Microtonic). (Check the user guide for more info on this.)

    I haven't used Max/MSP myself, but in Ableton this works for certain. Do you want me to upload an example project of how to set things up?

  • Janusz Wojciech Gawlik

    Hello Magnus,

    An example project would be very helpful.

    Thank you in advance!

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