How to disable Microtonic starting on midi CC

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  • John Watson


    Sorry for noob question but I can't find answer in manual or online.

    I have a drum track in Cubase playing Microtonic. I have a Beatstep Pro midi'd into Cubase to play Microtonic via the pads.

    When I press play in Cubase all is fine but as soon as I hit a pad on the Beatstep Pro (even on a different midi channel) it triggers Microtonic to go into 'play' mode and it starts playing the patterns in it's matrix over my pattern in Cubase. I can't find out how to stop this behaviour. Can someone please advise?

    Many thanks

  • Sam Saw

    Patterns are triggered at C3 and higher
    Individual cells are triggered from C1 and higher

    To stop patterns playing over your sequence either hit 'Stop' on the Microtonic GUI
    or Clear the pattern on the Microtonic GUI
    As far as i know this is the only way.

  • Iulian Muresan

    Hi. John. Can you help me? I also use a Beat Step Pro as a sequencer for Microtonic. And I also have a Novation SL MKII with which I would like to be able to controll via midi different parameters for each channel (drum sound) independently. I've been pulling my hair for a long time, because I can't seem to be able to do that. I tried of course enabling "Selectr drum channel with midi notes" and "Midi CC operated on selected channel", but without success. I always end up controlling all the durm channels at once (e.g. oscilator or mix). Any advice? Thanks.

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