Special offers for PO owners?

Rasmus Trudslev Pedersen367 views3 posts
  • Rasmus Trudslev Pedersen

    I Just picked up a PO-32 in the local shop and realised TE have this Microtonic bundle offer in their shop. Is there any special offers for PO owners?

  • Matt Fichter

    Yes, this. Can someone respond to this? I want to buy both, I've emailed TE and sonic charge. I have some confusion about the availability of standalone versions, whatnot. And these random 'bundles.' Right now, TE has a bundle listed on their site, but as 'out of stock.' Like, they have the units but are 'out of stock' of the software?

    Not to sound like I have an exaggerated sense of entitlement, but as a consumer, it's a little weird. I'm used to companies being helpful and punctual about questions regarding purchases over $50.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Sorry for the support delays.


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