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  • Oktagon


    I'm using Microtonic with Live 10, and my typical workflow is to use the Microtonic step sequencer in session view to begin with, but then ultimately transition to using per-drum midi clips when I'm ready to switch to arrangement.

    Up until Live 10 I was using Tom Mosler's excellent drum rack for the initial phase, then using Microtonic midi drag to get a single pattern for the drum rack. I would then use 'Extract Chain' on each individual drum to get the single track+clip per drum I was looking for in arrangement.

    The main problem with this method is that when you extract the chains you lose the per-chain levels from your drum rack, and any global effects chain from your drum rack. So you then have to manually restore all of those which is a bit of a pain.

    However in Live 10 we have multi-clip editing and groups within groups. Given this, I've abandoned drum racks altogether and am instead using a similar setup to Tom's drum rack but using individual midi tracks with external instrument and a parent group instead. I also then get the benefits of separate tracks like being able to use track delay.

    So now when I want to move from the Microtonic step sequencer to clips in Live, I just need to create an individual clip per drum for each track. The laborious way of doing this is to solo each drum in turn, and drag the midi clip to the relevant track.

    And this is where my feature request comes in. What I was thinking was that in Live if you hold down ctrl/cmd while dragging multiple midi clips you can drop them onto multiple tracks in one operation.

    What about if ctrl/cmd dragging the midi drag from Microtonic allowed you to drop individual midi clips per drum? That might then resolve the manual process of having to drag each drum individually and make the process of moving to Live clips much easier.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Stefan Kragh

    Just the riddle I'm trying to solve and the type of post I was looking for. I'd be elated to have this feature considered. Working around the same issue myself.

    Also thank you for the amazing drum machinery and all its magic trix.

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