Synplant: bug in Automap wrapper

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  • Brian Rost

    Anybody out there using Automap 4 with Synplant? I'm using a Novation Impulse keyboard which only supports 8 encoders. My problem is present whether I am using Live or Logic.

    The mapped parameters in the wrapper take up 3 pages (8 params per page) but I find that only page 1 works. Pages 2 and 3 constantly report that the controls are not mapped and tries to enter learn mode, although the mapping editor shows they are all mapped. I tried using the mapping editor as well as saving the .automap file and editing the text.

    After about two hours fussing with this, I gave up and mapped only 8 parameters (volume, rotation, tuning, atonality, effects, release, wheel scale, velocity scale), leaving out control of the branches. Automap reports all the parameters in the same order as Ableton Live sees them, so I really don't understand what the problem is.

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