Warm greetings and thanks!

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  • Andre LaBranche

    Hi all,

    This is just a note to express my appreciation for this fine forum and its members :-) It’s really nice to see such a collection of interesting, friendly, and knowledgeable people swirling around this equally impressive collection of software new and old. Kudos all around!

    I found this community via the PO Tonic and Speak (and the extended interview conducted by Cuckoo), and have been very much enjoying exploring the other stuff in this constellation of awesomeness. Thanks, Magnus, for your tireless effort and dedication, and thanks everyone else for helping to reward those efforts by paying totally reasonable sums of money for these products!


  • Magnus Lidström

    Thanks Andre! That is some really kind words. I am also very grateful that so many of you are helping us keeping Sonic Charge afloat by paying for our products, engaging in the community, testing our betas, making patches etc etc. I am doing what I always dreamt I would do, and it is all thanks to you guys!

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