GUI/UX resize coming anytime soon? Please...

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  • EnochLight

    Trying to use Permut8, Microtonic, and Synplant on a 4K monitor is downright painful. Please tell me there are plans to allow resizable GUI/UX (and soon)?

  • EnochLight


  • Fredrik Lidström

    What OS, OS settings and host are you using? I run on a 4K monitor on Windows, with 200% UI scaling (of course), and that works fine for me.

  • EnochLight

    Windows 10, Reason 10.1. Yeah, OS upscaling is always an option, but I hate using anything bigger than 125%, as some apps don't play nice with upscaling as large as 200%. I literally returned my 4K panel because I disliked the OS upscaling setting requirement. :( Looks like I'll have to wait until hell freezes over (again).

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