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  • philip formby

    is it possible to send a pattern in patternarium direct to po-32 instead of having to be on my pc back home?
    i know you will say "its down to freeloaders not buying microtonic" but what if you already got a license like myself ,surely theres a way to do it legitimately

  • Fredrik Lidström

    We have thought about this and it is not as easy at it might seem. The Patternarium front-end that you see is technically a glorified mp3 player. All the patterns have been pre-rendered. One solution would be to pre-render PO-32 data dumps as well, but Microtonic and PO-32 patterns are not 1:1 and the 8 channel to 4 channel conversion sometimes make Patternarium patterns sound totally different, and often you can make it better if you manually move channels around. You also have the fact that the PO-32 has 16 sound slots and 16 pattern slots. Where should we dump? Always on 1-8?

    After thinking about this for a while, we came to the conclusion that we already have an interface for this, where you can move around channels and pick dump destination, and it is inside Microtonic.

    I know it is not what you are looking for, but it is the only viable solution we have right now.

  • philip formby

    Thanks Fredrik

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