Sonic Charge plug-ins: Synplant & Microtonic

harry kane247 views2 posts
  • harry kane

    Just wondered who else is using these great VST instruments?

    I've had Synplant for a couple of months, and the novelty of the interface still hasn't worn off. I just keep getting better and better sounds from it! :D A lot to be said for limiting the number of plug-ins you use... :!:

    I got MicroTonic this week. Sonic Charge emailed me a voucher for $30 off. I had tried the demo years ago and liked it. It's proved to be another solid purchase: fantastic sound, easy to edit and create your own patches, and like Synplant a low CPU hit.

    Great stuff!

  • Dmitrij Sorokin

    Is a voucher for everyone? I have Synplant & Microtonic, but I did not get a voucher.

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