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  • Chuzz Bot

    Hi, I'm trialing synplant... wow, it's so versatile and fun!
    However part of the test was to save patches and then reload the project.
    Unfortunately, the patches were not loaded as saved and had to be individually and manually reloaded, which would be a definite dealbreaker.
    Is this a limitation of the trial? Or is it my DAW?... I'm using the new Magix Acid 8.

    Thanks very much for your assistance.


  • Chuzz Bot

    Starting to feel sceptical about soniccharge's forum support. :( Guess that's two good reasons so far not to buy, even if it does make some great sounds.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry, support is a bit slower because of vacation weeks. (Although I am actually coding pretty intensively during my "vacation".)

    Can't understand why the patches weren't loaded. It is definitely not a trial limitation. I have to admit I haven't used Acid in many many years, but I just downloaded a trial version, saved two different songs with different Synplant patches, and everything loaded back fine for me.

    Could you maybe upload a short video capture of what is happening with your installation?

  • Chuzz Bot

    Thanks for the reply, Magnus :)
    I'll see if I can this week, have a bit of out of studio stuff on so, not the best week for me either :)
    Glad to hear that it went well for you, that is heartening.

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