Permut8 Remote MIDI Control - Transport stop 'Note Off' Issue

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  • yoni newman

    Hello! We have made a custom MIDI controller that controls Pemut8 (which is awesome BTW!) but we have a problem...

    When we use this hardware (which sends Note messages for each bit of Permut8), we set our bits how we like and whatnot. But whenever we press the transport stop button, all of the bits we just set get cleared. We are pretty sure it has something to do with Live sending Note Off messages to everything when transport is stopped which makes sure there are no hanging notes. But for us, it ruins the settings that have taken us awhile to set. The only workaround to so save/load presets but we are trying to not have to use the computer at all for this and prefer just to stay at the hardware controllers. Preset also can 'unsync' the MIDI controller's HW switch states and it's no longer WYSIWYG.

    We have tried adding a MIDI filter to the track feeding Permut8 but for some reason it's not working - those transport stop Note Off messages still get through somehow.

    How can we get this one to work?!

    Let us know!
    Phil & Yoni

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